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02SkinPro™ is a powdered form of oxygen, developed by a US based Company. It’s the only solid, non-gaseous, form of oxygen in existence. It is designed to be applied topically, for its healing and pain-relieving properties by delivering oxygen directly to any wounded area. Tested over several years, it’s non-toxic, easy to use and compatible with your current after-treatment products. 02SkinPro™ is extremely stable and maintains its molecular properties when mixed with a variety of solutions, liquids and material making it an ideal addition to any product.

02SkinPro™’s ability to provide oxygen makes it a therapeutic solution for any insult or injury to cells and tissues that result in low oxygen levels, such as abrasions, burns, rashes, bruises, or any skin treatment procedure affecting the epidermis. Also 02SkinPro™ has been shown to release and soothe allergic reactions many clients have to more powerful enzymatic ingredients often used in a variety of topical creams and serums.

02SkinPro™ amazing benefits will change your spa services and treatments, delivering better outcomes for your clients.

02SkinPro™ cannot be sold to the public in its original form. But can be used as a Back-Bar product that professionals can add to their treatments or products to promote skin healing and cell regeneration and will ONLY be sold to professionals in the spa and med spa industry.

O2SkinPro Powder 2 oz

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