Why Choose Plaxel USA?

There are many reasons why choosing Plaxel USA for your training or plasma device would be best for you! Our training is unparalleled and includes way more information than you will get in other training programs. We go over just about everything that our pen can be used for, how to use it for all of these different treatments, and you get updates as we get them from the manufacturer. We give you ongoing support without charging extra! We also give you the best plasma pen in the world. Please be wary of other training programs that offer steep discounts. They often-times do not include all of the information you need to be successful and will provide a pen that is not safe and not true plasma.

Our trainer is an experienced plasma technician who created our manual with all of the tips and tricks you usually have to learn along the way. You have access to the online training for three months, although it usually only takes a couple of days to get through. It is completely self-paced, and you get a thick 114 page training manual to keep. We constantly update our training to make sure it is the best in the industry.

Our pen can treat ALL Fitzpatrick skin types! Thermal plasma is for type I-III and Non-thermal plasma is for all skin types. Each modality is very different, but our pen does both! No other pen on the market can do this! The Plaxel pen is also used while plugged in so that your energy output is predictable and consistent. Rechargeable pens do not deliver consistent power. This means bolts of too much energy can occur creating damage to the skin, as well as not enough energy, which negatively affects results.

If you have any questions about our training or Plaxel device, please email us at or use the chat feature on the bottom right of this website. We do offer device and training discounts to those who have had previous training elsewhere as well as group discounts and referral rewards.

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