The Newest Updates for Plaxel

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Our base Plaxel pen has ben upgraded to have all of the same features of the new PlaGen device! AND, PlaGen has been re-named to Plaxel+ (Plaxel Plus). The only difference between the two is that Plaxel+ has the ability to be cordless. We always recommend using your pen while it is plugged in so that you get consistent power. Rechargeable pens tend to vary in power which can cause a few issues: sparks of too much power may be forced through the pen causing strong bolts of plasma that can damage the skin. Or, not enough power may be emitted causing poor results.

What are these amazing new features for Plaxel?

COLD PLASMA TIP - this is the newest technology to hit the Plasma market, and no other pen has this capability! You can safely use this tip on ALL SKIN TYPES and we go over how to use this in our training program. This plasma does not spark like thermal plasma.

Thermal plasma ball tip - We call this the "wrinkle eraser" for its ability to erase superficial fine lines and keep them from returning for several months. This tip can be used up to Fitzpatrick V and higher with caution.

Plaxel now has three modes: pulse mode, continuous mode, and P2 for cold plasma as well as a digital display and LED light that can be switched off or on.

And, of course, our needle tip continues to be the smallest on the market giving you more pinpoint precision.

We offer a discount for our training program to those who have plasma training from another company. We also offer a trade-in discount if you have an older version of Plaxel. If you have any questions about training, feel free to email us here:

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