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What is Plasma?

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What is Plasma Skin Tightening?

There are four states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and PLASMA. Another term for plasma is "Liquified Gas" and it is the most abundant form of matter in the universe. Plasma is created when certain gases are ionized and become electrically conductuve. Lightning is a great example of a type of natural plasma. Those plasma globes from the 80s are a good example of artifically generated plasma. The plasma in the Plaxel pen is artificially generated at a few different power levels depending on what is being treated. When plasma hits the skin, cells are sublimated or turned instantly from solid to gas, and new cells pull in to fill their place. This causes an instant tightening affect as well as delayed tightening as the skin produces new collagen to plump and smooth the skin.

What is the down time?

The healing process depends on your health and skin health, but most people's skin irritation subsides in 5-10 days. Your technician will determine the perfect preparation and after care regimen for your needs.

Does it hurt?

This depends on the individual. Your technician will use a numbng agent to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Many describe it as a very slight rubber band pop sensation followed by a mild sunburn feeling once the numbing has worn off.

Is it expensive?

Price depends on the area being treated, so please schedule a consultation with one of our qualified technicians to see what they recommend for you. Email with your address so we can match you with a local technician.

Where can I find a technician?

Please email us at with your address so we can find the nearest technician for you.

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The Plaxel Pen uses real plasma, not an electrical current, like many other lookalikes out there. Make sure your plasma technician is using Plaxel so you know that you are receiving a safe and effective treatment.

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The Plaxel Pen is manufactured by MedSun in Korea, a medical device manufacturing company with a stellar track record of delivering quality products that are safe and effective. Plaxel USA certified technicians have world-class training that draws on the experience of medical and esthetic professionals.

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Come experience the newest in non-invasive anti-aging skincare and turn back time with one of our certified Plaxel USA technicians. Fill out the form below to find a technician near you.

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